Barbondale on the Barbon - Dent road.


Senior course 3.2km/358m climb

U17s course 1.9km/300m climb

U15s course 1.2km/240m climb

U13s 1km/200m climb

After Fairmile last time out you should have got your climbing legs on.  The race begins with about 3 yards of flat running and then straight into the climb, which starts off steep and gets steeper.

An out and back course. A relentless straight line of flags up the steep fell, U13s' turn back just above the scree, U15s' turn back about 100m distance above the scree. U17s' & seniors continue up the climb to the skyline and cairn where U17's turn back. Seniors hang a right and romp along 750m of runnable climbing to the final turn - then the racing begins, reversing the route back. Straight back along the ridge and then try your best to stay upright on the descent, it's very steep. The scree is optional for all...Often done in the snow. 

The route is on steep, rough grassy terrain with scattered rocks and optional scree. 

Car parking is tight so please share and park considerately. Please do not block the farm entrance.

2014 Pics from RacingSnakes