We have an active and sociable committee, but are always looking for fresh input from new and existing members to help move the club forward. Anyone is free to attend the committee meetings (always food available), and you won't necessarily be given a job (unless you want one).

Billy Procter - President   
I have been about since the start, over the years I have enjoyed many roles within the club. Helm has given me a great platform to achieve things I never thought possible at my level of sporting ability. My greatest accomplishments have come through coaching young and old, seeing them improve their fell skills and all round have a go attitude.

Tim Murray - Vice President

Joined 15 years ago after taking my daughter to training on a cold, wet Wednesday evening. I was hooked! Running disasters far outweigh running successes but the lure of the start line is still as strong. It’s been a pleasure to run and train with such a brilliant group of people and to see the Club grow and develop.

Michael Ainsworth - Chair
Honoured to be club Chair after 15 years of great leadership from Tim.  It's my job to make sure we continue to strive to be the best fell running club in the country and it's great to see you all racing, training and socialising together as part of team Helm!  Fell racing highlights so far include losing my car keys at the Hodgson (if anyone finds them you can keep them!), getting lost in Wales and once winning a race by leaping through a gorse bush!
Ali Richards - Vice Chair

Joined Helm in 2011 and have loved being a part of an ever-growing women's team at champs races, relays and Billy Bland challenges. Also love the wider club aspect of family, recces, socials and sharing the love of the fells.  I run the group Facebook page and am the 'welcome' person for any newcomers - point them in my direction.....

Sharon Taylor - Club Captain
I have been running since the age of 10 so seeing the youngsters we have down on a Wednesday evening brings back so many happy memories.  I decided to join Helm Hill 5 years ago after having children as I wanted to be part of a club where we could run together as a family.  I have been known to take some slightly longer route choices when the mist is down! 
  Adam Perry - Club Captain


Lorna Askew - Junior Coordinator

First went to Helm training when one of my sons was six and a half (he is now well into his teenage years) ... stayed with him for the session, became a  Parent helper, then a coach, and then Junior Co-ordinator.  Have even won 2 bottles of beer when I was fourth lady in a race; my top tip from that is to enter a race in which there are only 4 women.


David Griffin - Senior Training Coordinator

  Marie Robson - Membership Secretary.

I have been a member of Helm for at least 5 years. I was made to feel very welcome and I have met many lovely people. I try to do some races for Helm and I have enjoyed been part of the ladies teams . I have been membership secretary for about two years and I enjoy everything about the club .

  Annie Aston-Gardner  - Welfare Officer 


  Andy Thompson - Welfare Officer


  Victoria Thompson -Treasurer 




  Sarah Douglas - Secretary 


  David Appleyard - Media Coordinator (aka General art web dogsbody...)

First joined through my children who used to run in the junior groups...Still awaiting a greatest running achievement, but it has been great to be part of the development of the club, witnessing our runners competing for all sorts of honours. I love to get out, enjoy the hills and the competitive vibe of the races. Nothing like a Helm day out on the bus...

  Jos Addison - Social Secretary



Ben Procter - member

One of Helm Hills five founder members!



Russ Cannon - member



Rick Stuart - Newsletter mogul (not on the committee but does a top job!)

Joined Helm in 2009 (after running in a Kendal vest for 15yrs) as my daughter was one of the growing band of Helm junior runners and I spent most of my time at races hanging out with Helm Hill runners. In those days I think there was only about 10 seniors who raced!  With an expanding club there's loads going on and a newsletter is a great way of sharing interesting stuff to all.