List for the 2020 Kendal Winter League

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ID Forename Surname Club Category
1923 Doug King LMAC MV50
1922 Harry Ewbank Eden Runners U15B
1921 Holt Riley Rossendale Choose
1920 Hanna Latty Settle Harriers MV40
1919 Isabella Latty Settle Harriers U13G
1918 Joanne Taylor-Friell Kendal AAC FV40
1917 Harry Singleton Kendal AAC U13B
1916 Martha Booth Settle Harriers U11G
1915 Maisie Gough N/A FU21
1914 Connie Eccleston Settle Harriers U13G
1913 Jill Eccleston Settle Harriers FV40
1912 Noah Kidd Leven valley MU21
1911 Hester Cox Settle Harrier FV40
1910 Joe Hopley Rossendale Harriers U17B
1909 Scott McCredie Barlick Fell Runners MV40
1908 Logan McCredie Barlick Fell Runnerd U15B
1907 Bella McCredie Barlick Fell Runners U11G
1906 Sam Merckel Lonsdale MSEN
1905 Roger Laycock Settle Harriers MV60
1904 Richard Campbell Howgill Harriers MSEN