Club Colours Challenge

How to complete the challenges.

Print the challenge sheet here

Each completed challenge is worth ONE RACE on your Club Colours Click on the video to watch Billy's shout up...which we know you have been missing.

Races (remember those) still count towards club colours so record those too!
You can choose to do as many or as few of the challenges as you wish in the remainder of 2020.
Take pictures, videos, write up your achievements and send these to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Complete a Club Colours sheet as normal for your coach to sign off

All welcome so come on seniors lets at least have some funky cakes!


Please follow all relevant guidance on social distancing etc. from the Government at the time you are undertaking any challenge

Don’t put yourself or anyone else at unnecessary risk ....stay safe!
All challenges should be completed from your front door (not the cake bake?!) or in your house (yes...the cake bake)!
Make sure you tell your Parents/Guardian which challenges you are doing and maybe take them along!

Follow ‘The Countryside Code' (

And most importantly.....Have Fun and Enjoy!!We look forward to hearing about how you are doing!

Trip to a Trig

Visit any trig point and take a photo

River runner

How many different named rivers or streams can you cross in one run?

Joe Wicks

Do Joe Wicks’ PElesson....every day for a full week! Find him on YouTube at 9am.

Race day

Organise a race day for everyone in your house

Sports Journalist

Write an article for the Helm Hill newsletter. Pick your favourite running subject and away you go!


Write something on your run using your GPS trace bonus points for font style!

Headtorch heaven

Go for a run in the dark!

Kilometre record

Run your fastest ever Kilometre

Route planner

Pick 4 landmarks near your house, plan the best route between them and run it! It could include a church, abridge, a decide!

Pebble Art

Decorate a pebble/stone with your own Helm Hill design and leave it at a summit

Summit Selfie

Take a run to the Helm and photograph yourself at the trig point

Bleep test

Set up a Bleep Test at home (there’s a free App forthis)....challenge your parentsor someone else in your household!

Running gamer

Create a new running game for your group and test it with your household

Team chef

Pick a team GB athlete, your coach or another runner from Helm Hill then design a fullday’s menu to help them stayfit

Map Explorer

Find each of a church, some water, a bridge, wood and wall corner on a map then link them on a run.

Which way now?

Complete an orienteering course e.g. Scout Scar lockdown O course (link below) or your own! /2555675201312743/


Create an advert for the best running club in the world to encourage people to join.

Home Mile

Measure out a mile in your house/garden and then run it!

Only way is up

Run uphill for a total of 300m in one run by doing reps on thesame hill. That’s 10 times upthe side of Kendal Castle!


Visit all three trig points around Kendal in 1, 2 or 3 runs! That’sBenson Knott, Scout Scar and The Helm

Warm up & down

Design a 5 min warm up and warm down session for your running group. Take a video of you testing it out at home.

Flying Postman

Do a run that visits 5 or more

Post Boxes.... draw a map ofyour route at the end and post it back to yourself!

Cake Bake

Bake and decorate a Helm HillCake. Make sure you take a photo of it before you eat it!

Twenties plenty!

Run as far as you possibly can in 20 minutes. Why not compare distances with your friends and family?

Tour de Kendal

Organise, plan and complete a one hour bike ride