Scout Scar

Race 1 Scout Scar GR 502 918 The Old Racecourse, Brigsteer Rd, Kendal 

The ever-popular series kick-off race never disappoints. Mainly because even though the senior route seems to change every year, it’s always a classic 5 mile (or so) blend of fast hilly cross-country on rough limestone tracks with stupendous 360 degree views (for spectators out on the course).  The senior race and shorter junior races all start with a fast charge across the flat field before heading out onto the rough Scar area where the pace settles. Year upon year it attracts a large number of runners from all over Cumbria, Lancs and N Yorks. Junior and Senior races alike can have over 100 starters.

A new route this year, which will bear some resemblance to this.

Arrive in good time for registration as its the first race of the series (see main Race page for links to Registration forms)

Youtube video by Kevin Rogan, Sunday January 6th 2013