List for the 2020 Kendal Winter League

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ID Forename Surname Club Category
1997 Kenny Forster Spectrum Striders RC MV60
1996 Karon Forster Spectrum Striders RC FV50
1994 Jo Hartley FV40
1993 RICHARD MARLTON Glaxo Hoad Hill Harriers MV50
1992 Gary Dover Glaxo Hoad hill harrier MV50
1991 Ben White U11B
1990 Alison Cooke Glaxo Hoad Hill Harriers FV50
1989 Dougie Mitchell U11B
1988 Lily Mitchell Hoad Hill Harriers U13G
1987 Liz White Glaxo Hoad Hill Harriers FV40
1986 James Simon Bowland Fell Runners MSEN
1985 Theo Zaboklicki Hoadhill Harriers U11B
1984 Noah Zaboklicki Hoad Harriers U11B
1983 Kerry Cornforth Keswick AC FV40
1982 Lewis Watts Glaxo Hoad Hill Harries MSEN
1981 John Perry Wharfedale Harriers MSEN
1980 Glenn Boulter Glaxo Hoad Hill Harriers MSEN
1979 Stephen Parker MV40
1978 sue cordingley Bingley Harriers FV60
1977 Andrew Whittaker Dallam running Club FV50